About Us

New product development requests are always welcome!

In our work at Kiluck Co., we receive requests from Japanese companies in the home electronics and automotive industries, for example, to design and develop prototypes for new products. We also occasionally receive requests from advertising production companies to develop displays for promotional purposes. We are particularly good at requests that necessitate both technological expertise (electronic circuits in control and measurement applications, for example) and creative expertise (design in figurative arts, and representations of space and movement). We often deal with motors, LEDs and sensors.

Company name : KILUCK CORPORATION (http://www.kiluck.co.jp)
Business : * The development and manufacture of our own products.

* Contract product design.

* Contract mechanical design

* Contract PCB design

* Consulting on prototyping and manufacturing

CEO : Shota Ishiwatari
Address : 103 Center Village, 2-39-1 Kojima-Cho, Chofu-Shi, Tokyo, Japan 182-0026
Business hours : Mon ~ Fri 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Japan)